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BST have created some of Australia's leading integrated leisure and hospitality facilities using methodologies that allow comprehensive pre-planning from the ground up to the final operating solution.


Throughout the entire project, BST’s role is to ensure that the design of the facilities meets both the client’s vision as well as operational integrity in terms of efficiency and functionality. Through many years of “hands on” experience, BST is able to view each project or development from the perspective of the operators and owners, to ensure user and customer satisfaction whilst sustaining a profitable, efficient and competitive business.


BST's methodology provides both a Design Brief that allows the Architects and Designers to design a solution right first time and an Operational Brief which encompasses the client's detailed expectations and requirements and provides the selection criteria for potential operators.


Once operations are up and running, BST can assist with all aspects of the operation and facilities including audits, facility assessment, branding, marketing, customer satisfaction, profitability, efficiency, technology. BST can streamline operations as well as enhance the business through tourism information, marketing and promotional activities to attract the target audience.



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