development & management

leisure tourism hospitality consultants






































from the ground up

comprehensive pre-planning for new developments



the most accurate research and development tools

Statistics  Australian Tourism Commission, Bureau of Tourism research,

 Australian Bureau of Statistics


HATS        BST's Hotel and Tourism System for current key performance indicators



comprehensive analysis

Existing financial position

Determined in consultation with owners, accounting firms, and fund managers


Site specific analysis

Best possible utilisation of site features and surrounding environment

Impact of current or proposed developments in the the immediate vicinity


Best & worse case scenarios

To guide future commercial decisions


Business plan

Workable new business models involving all concerned parties



on-time & in-budget project management


Supervision of every step from design to completed development

Logical timelines based on expected customer flows



Drafting, briefing and direction of entire management tender process

Identifying the best possible applicants

Outlining service delivery requirements

Negotiating final contracts


Human resources


Establishing new business relationships



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