development & management

leisure tourism hospitality consultants


































up and running

increased returns for existing business



accurate diagnosis

Service delivery survey

BST "Mystery Guest" Experience Report for hotels, leisure and recreational operations.  Every interaction between client and staff is tracked from reservation, check in and concierge to inspection, room services, guest services, restaurants, car parking, check out and follow up.


Brand analysis

Examination of all communications


Operations audit

A complete, confidential appraisal of services and operations


On-site facilities assessment

Facilities examined for capability and efficiency

Existing and potential activities related for customer satisfaction and profitability



streamline & enhance


Hospitality, tourism & recreational recruitment expertise to find the right people.

Advanced staff training programs


Brand presence

Unify, and potentially, modernise company philosophy, "look" and voice

Ensure consistent and memorable presentation internally and externally



In consultation with management:

Improve efficiency across sales, bookings and services systems

Create budgets, implement cost controls



Recommend, source, cost and implement updates & additions to amenities

Develop new activities to maximise appeal to target audience

Optimise available space and surrounding environment



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